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EYD Criticism on Snapshot MetroTV

Yesterday, i watch Snapshot on MetroTV, the topic was “Penggunaan EYD/Bahasa Indonesia dengan baik dan benar” or The correct use of Bahasa Indonesia. Snapshot tried to expose and criticized Indonesian ministry, celebrities, and people who not used Bahasa Indonesia in a good manner based on EYD.

It was very funny, coz some public figures shown so stupid there:D
Here are some stupid example:

  • “….telah menyajikan agreement yang komprehensif”
    marie pangestu, one of indonesia ministry
  • Permak Jeans, Vermaks Jeans, Fermak Jeans
    some banner. (some one said that Permak word come from Sunda Language, wakakka)

But, the most stupid thing is the word “Snapshot”, why MetroTV use the name “Snapshot” for their program, why dont they use bahasa indonesia? All their critics on that program become nothing when i realize that they so “MUNAFIK”.

EYD or “Ejaan Yang Disempurnakan” is the formal spelling for Bahasa Indonesia,
MetroTV is the first indonesian news TV channel,
Snapshot is one of the weekly program on metroTV, this program expose the bad side of everyday life catched on Tape.

Let’ make something for Indonesia!!

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It’s free and easy as flipping your finger.

Mosquitos, Traffic Jam and HOT!!

Jakarta has several sinonyms(red: For me), there are mosquitos, traffic jam and super hot. 3 things that always with me when i’m in jakarta.

Traffic Jam
Now, i’m in bandara soekarno Hatta. I leave Pasar Minggu at 9:30, then as always trapped traffic jam and arrived here at 11:30. Without traffic jam, i should be arrive here at 10:30 or less. BUt i call it as a normal traffic jam, the worst traffic jam can take more than 3 hours from Pasar minggu to Bandara.

Last night, i slept with heavy sweat and wet shirt. It was so hot, i cannt live in jakarta more than a week.

Maybe, because of water polutions, jakarta become one of the best home for mosquitos.
I always fond my body full of “bentol-bentol” when i woke up.
Read this one, my friends wrote about mosquitos for National Geographic. :D

But, Indonesian still go to Jakarta, even with all of those nightmare. Why? Because more than 80% of rupiahs are there. Everyone need money, and jakarta can produce it.
hmm.. forget it, lets talk about the solutions.

In 2014, analyst said that the size of street in jakarta will be equal with the amount of all car in jakarta, so everyone will be trapped in traffic jam when we get out from our garage. So, Fauzi Bowo has to stop it.
But How?
1. Stop private car booming
2. Make good public mass transportations

To stop private car booming, goverment can apply high tax for private car and also limit the age of the car. But, goverment has to provide good mass transportations first, so people can stop owning private car and able to go anywhere easily by mass transportations.
For now, train and bus are the best mass transportations. Fauzo Bowo can easily continue the busway project, the brilliant idea from Sutiyoso. If all street in jakarta connected with the busway, people will choose it rather has to trapped in traffic jam when using private car. If most of jakarta people use mass transportations, i’m sure traffic jam will become history.
hmmm… am i dreaming ? found a new home

Since about a year ago, has a serious problem that need much time to find the solution. The problem is the lack of server resource. Because become bigger and bigger (now has more than 36.000 members), so couldnt placed in a shared hosting, or even a single dedicated server. The site was down for a several times, and the site was very very slow. Thus some of’s members became frustation and migrate to another shoutbox provider.

I had moved it to better server, but the result was not significant. Then i also had tried to optimize the scripts, the table structure, the image etc, and also i couldnt get the good result.

Then a few weeks ago i tried to move the site to a new shared hosting, which the hosting company claim that they can handle a very very big site. And amazingly, the site is going well till now. The speed is very good, and the server performance is extremely stabil.

I still dont understand how they set the server and the OS or control panel so they can have these such server performance. hufff.. époustouflant!!

And you know what? the hosting price is not expensive :D (this is one of the reason why i choose this hosting company).

Oggh, thanks God for giving me this way.

Home Sweet Home

Private bed, private bathroom, private TV, private books…. Nothing special? But its very extraordinary for me.

For many years, i slept on the chair, or on carpet, without bed-clothes, without pillow, and ofcourse without “guling” (i dont know what is guling in english).

Since i graduated from SMA 3, mostly i didnt sleep in my home. On the 1st & 2nd year, i slept in my campus. On the 3rd year till a few days ago, i slept in my own small office, JogjaCamp. And there is no “sleep equipment”, i just sleep wherever i can sleep.

But now, my office had moved to the new building, that higher, bigger, and more comfortable. I also have a bedroom, with 2 windows, 2 doors, 1 bathroom, 1 tv, 1 bed, books, and ofcourse internet connections. May be its simply ordinary for you, but not for me. Its amazing. Now, i realize that i can enjoy my sleep while wathing “Tukul Arwana” in a soft bad, in my private room.

Its not my home, but i feel in home. I hope i can work better with this new amazing condition.

Google Email for Your Domain

Google had officially launched “Google Apps for Your Domain”. Google Apps for Your Domain lets you offer private-labeled email, instant messaging and calendar accounts to all of your users, so they can share ideas and work more effectively. It’s all free* and everything is hosted by Google. No hardware or software required.

For example, if you have a domain name called “”, then you may host the email at google. You may create some email accounts, for example (for free ofcourse).

Is it good for you ?

I dont know, but please consider this advantages when you use google mail for your domain:

  • 2 GB Storage
    Each email account will has 2 gigabytes of storage, with search tool to find information fast
  • High technology user interface with ajax, and ofcourse very user friendly
  • Text Ad
    yes, you’ll only see text ad (not big flash banner like on yahoomail)
  • No email footer Ad
  • Hidden service
    No one will know that you use this free service, except you tell someone
  • Unlimited email filtering
    yahoomail limit it to 15 filter
  • Domain alias
    Associate another domain with this account to let your users share the same mailbox with multiple email addresses (Example,
  • Catch all email feature.
    You may set the default address of all your email.
  • Free email forwarding
  • Free POP 3 access
  • No downtime.
    Google is trusted company, and has best hardware and software in the world, so you can count on google. You dont need to worry about downtime.
  • You get all feature in gmail

Sound interesting?

OK, let me guide you to register to “google email for your domain”

  1. Open
  2. Sign in with your Google or Gmail Account
  3. You’ll redirected to
    Please enter your domain name (e.g:, and click “Use my domain” button.
  4. Complete the form about your domain, then click submit button.
  5. Complete administrator form info, then click submit button.
  6. Click “Add selected services” button.
  7. Click “Activate Email”
  8. Ask your hosting provider to set the mx record to this:
    MX Server address Priority
    ASPMX5.GOOGLEMAIL.COM. 10I’m sure that your hosting provider will understand about this. So, you just need to tell them that you want to set the mx address to the address above.
  9. Click “I’ve completed theese steps”
  10. Done
    just wait for one or two days, and then you may create email account, set domain settings and so on.


Do you want to buy something on the internet world? I think its not an easy thing if you’re located in Indonesia. Visa, Mastercard, Paypal, and most of online payment gateway are block people that located in Indonesia to make payment via their payment gateway.

But, do you know that egold accepts payment from all around the world? Yes, egold “doesn’t care” who and where we are. So, even we are in Indonesia, we still able to buy over the internet.

e-gold, according to Wikipedia, is a digital gold currency operated by Gold & Silver Reserve Inc. under e-gold Ltd., and is a system which allows the instant transfer of gold ownership between users. e-gold Ltd. is incorporated in Nevis, Lesser Antilles.

You may read the benefit of using egold here: .

But you have to be carefull when buy something via egold, this payment method has non-repudiatable behavior . So, you will never may chargeback your payment. Always make sure that you pay someone that you trust. Some internet criminals use egold to collect money and then go away. Usually they offer netter to invest to their investment system, with very short ROI (return of investment). But, after you pay egold to them, you will receive nothing and just loosing your money:P. haha ( i’ve experienced like this a few months ago :D )

How to use egold?

Firstly you have to register to e-gold website ( Then you will able to receive and send egold immadiately. To receive egold payment, you just need to give your egold account. To send egold, you must have egold on your account. You may buy egold from any egold exchanger available in Indonesia. is one of it (this is mine :D ) .