Mosquitos, Traffic Jam and HOT!!

Jakarta has several sinonyms(red: For me), there are mosquitos, traffic jam and super hot. 3 things that always with me when i’m in jakarta.

Traffic Jam
Now, i’m in bandara soekarno Hatta. I leave Pasar Minggu at 9:30, then as always trapped traffic jam and arrived here at 11:30. Without traffic jam, i should be arrive here at 10:30 or less. BUt i call it as a normal traffic jam, the worst traffic jam can take more than 3 hours from Pasar minggu to Bandara.

Last night, i slept with heavy sweat and wet shirt. It was so hot, i cannt live in jakarta more than a week.

Maybe, because of water polutions, jakarta become one of the best home for mosquitos.
I always fond my body full of “bentol-bentol” when i woke up.
Read this one, my friends wrote about mosquitos for National Geographic. :D

But, Indonesian still go to Jakarta, even with all of those nightmare. Why? Because more than 80% of rupiahs are there. Everyone need money, and jakarta can produce it.
hmm.. forget it, lets talk about the solutions.

In 2014, analyst said that the size of street in jakarta will be equal with the amount of all car in jakarta, so everyone will be trapped in traffic jam when we get out from our garage. So, Fauzi Bowo has to stop it.
But How?
1. Stop private car booming
2. Make good public mass transportations

To stop private car booming, goverment can apply high tax for private car and also limit the age of the car. But, goverment has to provide good mass transportations first, so people can stop owning private car and able to go anywhere easily by mass transportations.
For now, train and bus are the best mass transportations. Fauzo Bowo can easily continue the busway project, the brilliant idea from Sutiyoso. If all street in jakarta connected with the busway, people will choose it rather has to trapped in traffic jam when using private car. If most of jakarta people use mass transportations, i’m sure traffic jam will become history.
hmmm… am i dreaming ?

9 comments on “Mosquitos, Traffic Jam and HOT!!

  1. @thea
    For massive mosquitos, electric racket is not solution, we’ll need many hours to defeat the mosquitos.

    you’re so kind :)
    but, i’m not sure you’ll dare to eat your own mosquitos soup :D

  2. Huehehe… dari awal sebenernya nggak pengen kerja di Jakarta, tapi waktu ada tawaran, jiwa ‘ingin-mencoba’ku bergejolak. Akhirnya nerima. Eh, nggak betah, just like what I had predicted… :p Huff!

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