Who’s his name?

Lately, I realize that I often forget my friends’ name, especially those who are not close enough with me. For example, know I only can remember 4 names of my kindergarten friends. Only 10 names of my elementary school mates can I memorize. And surprisingly I just can remember no more than 50% of my college friends. Ughh.

Hmm, I don’t know why I so easily forget their name.
OK, let’s analyze it!
There are 3 things that may cause it (not just to me, but to anyone)
1. Too Small brain memory
2. Too busy with my/your own world
3. Too much friends

I think, for me point #1 is the most influential that makes me hard to remember all of my friends. Then, followed by point #2.
For point #3, I don’t think that I have too much friends.

What do you think?

11 comments on “Who’s his name?

  1. I even forget a friend’s name that I just knew two weeks ago. I met her at Gale, few days ago. And I had to introduce my other friend to her, just to know her name. And… even I heard her introducing her name to my other friend… I still can’t remember who she was!

    Talking about kindergarten friends, I couldn’t remember a single name from those years, or six years after. Even my teacher’s name. And I almost forget you, didn’t I? If only we didn’t met a few times in Gale, perhaps it wouldn’t be that easy for me to say ‘Hi!’ – followed by your name – to you.

    So, I think it’s natural to forget somebody that wasn’t so important to you at that time, wasn’t it? Or somebody that didn’t give you any special memories.

    It’s like when you set an ‘automatic deleting’ program for your SMS storage. When a new one come, and your inbox is full, an old SMS wouldn’t survive. And those which survive, I guess you just have to ‘lock’ them up. :p

  2. @thea:
    imposible to upgrade my own brain.
    I’m 25 now, and theoritically human brain only grow until 5 years old. CMIIW

    Hi Ndie, this is my first time to hear that i’m normal regarding this behaviour. Usually my friends tell me that i’m too lazy to remember their names.
    hmm, btw, did you said it because you also hard to remember your friends name ?

  3. I suggest you to upgrade your internal memory immediatelly :lol:
    I even never remember myown mobile number. Not just memory, I think my processor upgrade required asap :P due to so many error found when program running :???:

  4. @brokencode

    haha, i’m sure a quodrupal xeon is affordable for you. It’s a good package for your brain and your processor :))

  5. hahaha, same problem with me, yesterday i came to some high school reunion, and damn sure i forgot most of their name. Even to my close friend. How shame to ask somebody’s name that you’ve known for 3 consecutive years before. huh.
    enter command:> open slot and upgrade

  6. Hi Ogi & Friends,

    I think that’s normal..because when we’re grow up so many things that happen to us and our brain capacity not growing up…(I think)

    Because it happen to me, when I’m at elementary school I can remember the name of my friends then right now…I mean my brain ability to remember the name of my friends is decrease…the worst when I’m not see or meet my friends for a long time, especially my college friends, I can’t remember the name also…

    I think…It’s OK to not remember the name but don’t forget you’re friends :-)

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