Oggix.com found a new home

Since about a year ago, oggix.com has a serious problem that need much time to find the solution. The problem is the lack of server resource. Because oggix.com become bigger and bigger (now oggix.com has more than 36.000 members), so oggix.com couldnt placed in a shared hosting, or even a single dedicated server. The site was down for a several times, and the site was very very slow. Thus some of oggix.com’s members became frustation and migrate to another shoutbox provider.

I had moved it to better server, but the result was not significant. Then i also had tried to optimize the scripts, the table structure, the image etc, and also i couldnt get the good result.

Then a few weeks ago i tried to move the site to a new shared hosting, which the hosting company claim that they can handle a very very big site. And amazingly, the site is going well till now. The speed is very good, and the server performance is extremely stabil.

I still dont understand how they set the server and the OS or control panel so they can have these such server performance. hufff.. ├ępoustouflant!!

And you know what? the hosting price is not expensive :D (this is one of the reason why i choose this hosting company).

Oggh, thanks God for giving me this way.

9 comments on “Oggix.com found a new home

  1. hi,
    di salah salah satu majalah komputer, aku membaca komentar tentang oggix.com
    disitu disebutkan kalu code html oggix agak terlalu panjang dibanding shoutbox lainnya, selain itu kadang2 suka error tanpa sebab.
    Tapi aku tetap memilih s’box oggix karena layout dan fasilitasnya lebih keren dari yang lain.
    thank’s for your help

  2. mas..waktu saya mau register..koq gag bisa-bisa yachh??
    katanya upgrade cuma sampe 26 des..tpi koq smpe’ skarang gag bisa juga siyh?? cz saya mau code link blog yg oggix sediain..!!

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