Home Sweet Home

Private bed, private bathroom, private TV, private books…. Nothing special? But its very extraordinary for me.

For many years, i slept on the chair, or on carpet, without bed-clothes, without pillow, and ofcourse without “guling” (i dont know what is guling in english).

Since i graduated from SMA 3, mostly i didnt sleep in my home. On the 1st & 2nd year, i slept in my campus. On the 3rd year till a few days ago, i slept in my own small office, JogjaCamp. And there is no “sleep equipment”, i just sleep wherever i can sleep.

But now, my office had moved to the new building, that higher, bigger, and more comfortable. I also have a bedroom, with 2 windows, 2 doors, 1 bathroom, 1 tv, 1 bed, books, and ofcourse internet connections. May be its simply ordinary for you, but not for me. Its amazing. Now, i realize that i can enjoy my sleep while wathing “Tukul Arwana” in a soft bad, in my private room.

Its not my home, but i feel in home. I hope i can work better with this new amazing condition.

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