Oggix.com, a shoutbox made in Indonesia

Kemaren, tiba-tiba ada yang nge “ding” aku lewat YM, “mengaku” dari CNET, dengan nama Budi Putra. Dia ingin nanya2 tentang oggixcom dan mo ditulis di rubrik blog nya di CNET.

Usut punya usut, aku search2 digoogle, baca-baca profile tentang dia, ternyata beliau emang beneran kontributor CNET dan wartawan TEMPO. Dan bukan seorang wartawan sembarangan. Guileee, aku sontak tersanjung diwawancarai oleh orang “sebesar” beliau.

Makasih ya Pak Budi atas waktunya, maap cuman “meladeni” seadanya :).

Tulisan beliau tentang OGGIX bisa dibaca di CNET asia, klik disini, atau di blog pak Budi, klik disini.

Berikut tulisannya aku kutip dari cnet:


Oggix.com, a shoutbox made in Indonesia

Do you want to leave a quick message on the Weblog without any form of login or user registration? Use a useful and colorful feature like shoutbox.

A shoutbox, saybox, tagboard or chatterbox is a chat-like feature that allows people to quickly leave instant messages on the Weblog or Web site.

As I browsed anywhere, one of the popular shoutbox service providers is Oggix.com. Frankly, I was surprised that it was actually created by a young Indonesian!

At 24 years old, Ogi Sigit Pornawan‘s Oggix.com is currently listed in the Top 10 Google Search results. “We are the pioneer of shoutbox technology,” he claimed.

This free shoutbox, supported Avatar, replies on entries, unlimited entries and more.

Shoutboxes, according to Wikipedia, are usually maintained in a manner similar to that of more complex boards, with moderators that can delete posts and ban usernames or IP addresses.

For the most part, shoutboxes are embedded into a page with inline frames or JavaScript. Many Internet forum and Weblog software packages can be modified to add shoutboxes in sidebars on site pages.

First launched on December 2004 by Pornawan who was then programmer, designer and technical support, Oggix.com was developed using XML technology to reduce server load on database queries.

“We will always develop Oggix.com to give bloggers and Web site beginners the easiest way to have a blog or site,” he explained. “We also develop for advanced Web site users, with a more configurable and more customizable ShoutBox.”

According to him, Oggix.com has reached almost 25,000 subscribers. Most of them are from Southeast Asian nations, while the rest are from the US and UK.

“A really nifty and fantastic shoutbox. It’s very easy to use and made in Indonesia, too. Bagus!” said a user’s testimonial on the Web site.

Now Oggix.com is hosted and sponsored by Yogyakarta-based Internet hosting provider IDwebhost. “So, you can help Oggix.com and keep this service free by using IDwebhost to host your site,” he promoted.

Keep up the great job, Ogi!


13 comments on “Oggix.com, a shoutbox made in Indonesia

  1. wow Ogi….
    it’s very nice to know further a person like you. creative and never stop looking for challenge. wait for another breakthrough!
    Can’t wait to get back to Jogja. C u soon:)

  2. Saya bangga dengan anak Indonesia. Hayo pada keluarin ke”hebat”annya. Kalian PASTI punya.

    Saya mau pake shotboxnya di blok saya. kok nggak bisa ya? Apa saya yang gaptek? Tolongin dong.

  3. halo salam kenal aku nugroho… wah salut buanget ya… ternyata bukan orang luar saja yang bisa buat shoutbox yang bagus…. Wah jadi kepingin posting tentang oggix nih… dan semua karya-karya anak bangsa yang lain…

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